Show Your State Pride With Stately Shirts

The Stately Shirt Co. has a desire to pursue the objective to “Show your state pride with Stately Shirts.” 
We hope to outfit you with high quality, unique shirts that allow you to show off your state and team pride! We continue to strive to inspire and create great, original Stately Designs. 
A few years ago, I’m not entirely sure when, I got the idea of our original Nebraska Stately Design. A good friend in Lincoln, NE encouraged me to slap it on a shirt. So I did and The Stately Shirt Co. was born.
I wanted to learn how to screen print our own shirts so he taught me. I bought some used equipment and supplies. Set up shop in our small 10’ x 10’ shed in the back yard and began to slowly grow, adding more Stately Designs. First Iowa. Then Michigan. Then Ohio, California and Texas. Did I mention that this time in the shed was primarily through the fall and winter of our first year? I was so thankful for extension cords and space heaters!
We continue to grow and have a larger, warmer work space. We now offer all fifty states, over 30 major cities including Washington, D.C., and of course the United States of America on a variety of apparel types and decals. 
Since opening our shop, there has been many late nights hustling and sweating. There have been moments of great joy and moments of wanting to throw it all away. However, through it all, The Stately Shirt Co. has not only grown in sales and numbers, but in a desire to help everyone show off their state pride!
If you have any questions, need any help, etc., please message us and we’ll be happy to help and answer your questions to the best of our abilities!